< — That’s me, Diane. I’m usually at home, with cats + coffee. I keep things running, I answer the emails, edit the photos, design the albums, etc. I’m kinda crafty/artsy, a super introvert, and a vegan food fiend (follow me @calgaryvegan).

Things I like: Adventure Time, lazing in the sun, What We Do in the Shadows, Neutral Milk Hotel, sleeping til it’s no longer morning, thrifting, pens + stationery. 


That’s Mike —>

He’s the people-y part of our duo. He takes the photos. He’s super social and always out and about.

When not photographing, he’s acting in local productions, designing kids’ theatre sets, catching as many shows as possible at Sled or Frog Fest or the High Performance Rodeo. Show him a cute animal and he’ll squee.