Braden and Allie: Married :)

Our dear friends Braden and Allie have been married for 1 year and 8 months to the day, and were gracious enough to let Mike catch up with them over some breakfast and NES. Check out this beautiful couple in the comfort of their lovely abode. Thanks again guys, we are soo lucky to know you crazy cats (Deborah included)!

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Allie’s incredible (and functional) teacup and saucer collection. That’s right, they’re not just for looks folks — she drinks tea from these!!! Wowsa!

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Braden talks Mike through the wonders of the fridge postings.

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Braden’s glorious DVD collection. However, this shot only represents a fraction of it’s entirety. This is only part of one bookcase!

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Mike: Use the spoon and make a vortex in the soft boiling water.

Allie: Like the soft, rolling type boil?

Mike: Yes.

Allie: Keeping spinning the vortex?

Mike: Yes, but you must hurry and crack the egg before you miss the vortex!

Allie: But I don’t have enough hands!

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Mini-croissant halves with…
– pancetta bacon and a poached eggy
– avocado and tomatoes
– mild chedda!

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BTW, Bubble Bobble is in that stack of games. Just sayin :)

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What is the best part about being married?

Allie: The weird street cred. For taking the leap.

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What’s your favourite thing about your spouse?

Allie: The cuddle nook on the side of his neck. And his generosity.

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What is the best part about being married?

Braden: I like knowing that I married this beautiful woman and that she’s trapped for the rest of her life with me :P

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