A Day in the Life, Family Photography

I had the absolute pleasure spending the day with Brit, Nate and their lovely young’un Tennessee. A day of pancakes, smoothies, insanely good Shawarma; a petrified green pea, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (take note of the ‘baby arm-bar’ expertly executed by Tennessee) and, of course, cuddles ;)

From breakfast to bedtime, we just, well, hung out. We didn’t plan anything, and manufactured no elaborate ‘setups.’ Rather, we took part in the daily rituals of just being there: spending minutes and moments doing real, everyday things with the people you care about. Beautiful and subtle little nuances come and go throughout the day – a grumpy pout of having to go to bed too soon, the diabolical smile of planting ‘Uncle Pinky Pronyshyn’ in a hidden corner; the wave of relief once the little one is asleep; and the soft, deep breaths while holding your partner in the warm glow of the afternoon sunlight. Those little things, that are truly larger than a photo shoot.

Nothing too fancy really, just the unembellished quiet frequencies of being, everyday.

Thanks again you guys, for sharing your time and allowing me into your home and hearts <3


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