Ellen + Col, a little yellow wedding album

We super love albums. No, super, super love!

It’s been said that the current youngest generation will not have photos of themselves & their family. It sounds crazy in this age where everybody owns at least one digital camera and takes hundreds of photos each year… but I think it’s true. Why? Because nobody prints their photos anymore. Photos live in JPG format on phones and memory cards and hard drives, but those devices last 5 to 10 years tops. Tops. And even if they did last longer, will it be possible to read a CD in 15 years? Maybe, maybe not.

But you can always look at a print. You can always pick it up and feel it in your hands. And that will never change. Good quality prints last for hundreds of years. Good quality prints are passed down from generation to generation. They become a little piece of history. And that’s a big part of why we love them so much.

We had the honour of photographing Ellen + Col’s amazingly intimate wedding in Calgary this summer, and today they opened up their wedding album :) It’s a happy little yellow book that will sit amongst other loved books and trinkets for many, many years to come, I should think.

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