The Late Late Breakfast Show, Calgary Theatre

Occasionally I (Mike) will get some odd requests to photograph some odd things. ‘Odd’ for some people, but really to me, things that are ‘odd’ are very very ‘rad’. Such as this. The Late Late Breakfast Show — a sketch comedy troupe based in Calgary, they create very hilarious, and sometimes/often/mostly offensive sketches. One very delicious thing is that they heavily incorporate live music/song in their sketches which is a treat for the the ears and the funny bone. Anyhoo, this is from a show from way back in February called ‘Power Ballad.’ I had the pleasure to see the show and it was immensely entertaining (and was sold out every night). Really the pictures don’t do these guys justice, you really have to go check ’em out here: and on their facebook page ;)


calgary theatre photography PowerBallad-012BLOG PowerBallad-013BLOG PowerBallad-015BLOG

calgary photographer PowerBallad-044BLOG PowerBallad-049BLOG PowerBallad-057BLOG PowerBallad-058BLOG PowerBallad-066BLOG PowerBallad-070BLOG

theatre photography PowerBallad-080BLOG PowerBallad-081BLOG PowerBallad-087BLOG PowerBallad-095BLOG PowerBallad-109BLOG PowerBallad-106BLOG PowerBallad-135BLOG PowerBallad-136BLOG

backstage theatre photographer calgary PowerBallad-156BLOG PowerBallad-166BLOG PowerBallad-157BLOG

calgary theatre photographer PowerBallad-168BLOG PowerBallad-151BLOG PowerBallad-122BLOG

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