Laura + Jeremy’s wedding at Vue Cafe

Laura + Jeremy had one of the most relaxed, easy-going weddings we’ve been a part of :) They were both just so happy to be there! Every part of their day was simple & sweet.

Laura’s dress (from Bellezza Bridal) seriously made me gasp when we first saw it, and goes perfectly with green ballet flats.

The girls got ready at the Delta Bow Valley hotel. It was a calm morning, but filled with laughter :)

Jeremy, his best man, and groomsmaid waited for Laura at the Hose & Hound Pub in Inglewood.

In this photo, Jeremy is explaining to Mike how he tore his Achilles tendon just 5 weeks (!!!) before the wedding. OUCH! It sure didn’t slow him down that day though!

Laura + Jeremy seeing each other for the first time that day before the ceremony. I just love ‘first looks’ because they’re so much more intimate than seeing each other during the ceremony. You can laugh, and hug, and hold hands, and talk about how nervous/excited you are — all things you want to do but can’t at the altar!

I adore this photo of Laura laughing! So natural :)

I would seriously just spend all day twirling in this dress if I had one like it. No work would get done, and Mike would be in a constant state of rolling his eyes. Yes, it’s probably best that I do not have a beautiful twirly dress :)

After photos in Inglewood, we headed over to Vue Cafe for the 6pm ceremony & reception. As soon as we walked in, we were hit with the most delicious smell: roasting lamb, shrimp bruschetta, olives & cheeses, and fresh baked cookies! OH MY.

These beautiful + simple white tulips were provided by Blue Hydrangea Floral Boutique.

Seriously guys. A LEGO cake topper?? Be still Mike’s heart.

The evening was so warm + golden. They truly couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Mike + I were mesmerized by this neatly stacked rack of dishes + cooking things.

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