Sharai + Hideo, Elopement in Bearberry woods

Sharai + Hideo eloped in the Bearberry woods and it was beautiful and quiet and an adventure with frogs and crickets and moss :) Elopements are amazing, and Universe, if you’re listening, we’d like to do many, many more of them.

S+H got ready together in a little handmade log cabin, built by the people who own the property. More couples should get ready together. Really, it set such an amazingly calm and intimate tone to the day when they shared some tea and laughs in the morning. Then, 5 people in total (Sharai + Hideo, Mike + I, and the officiant) walked out to a lookout point. The top of a cliff that looked over the river. And then, just like ‘that’, they were married. Afterwards, we adventured through the woods, searching out little critters and creatures and just listening to the wind making trees creak.

Afterwards, their family and friends joined them for a weekend of camping and hotdogs and s’mores :)

Thanks again, you two. We had THE BEST time, and were truly honoured to be there.

Oh and I took entirely too many pictures of cows, and I loved it.

cow farm wedding SharaiHideoWEB-004 cows photo SharaiHideoWEB-008 cat at weddingcats
SharaiHideoWEB-017sunrise wedding

SharaiHideoWEB-012 SharaiHideoWEB-013 getting ready together wedding groom getting ready bride getting ready bride and groom getting ready together for wedding groom getting ready photographers bride and groom morning SharaiHideoWEB-050 SharaiHideoWEB-049

elopement getting ready SharaiHideoWEB-063 bridal portrait elopement SharaiHideoWEB-069 SharaiHideoWEB-071 SharaiHideoWEB-079 SharaiHideoWEB-074 SharaiHideoWEB-075 bride and groom walk to wedding ceremony location together

SharaiHideoWEB-085 elopement ceremony alberta calgary elopement photographer elopement photographs yyc yyc elopement photographers SharaiHideoWEB-106elopement ceremony calgary alberta SharaiHideoWEB-120

elopement photos calgary SharaiHideoWEB-134 SharaiHideoWEB-154

SharaiHideoWEB-164 SharaiHideoWEB-168 SharaiHideoWEB-172 SharaiHideoWEB-177 wedding photography elopement SharaiHideoWEB-190 frog wedding photo wedding photographerSharaiHideoWEB-206SharaiHideoWEB-213

elopement potrait canada SharaiHideoWEB-236

SharaiHideoWEB-238 SharaiHideoWEB-240 wedding photographer calgary nature two cows SharaiHideoWEB-251 SharaiHideoWEB-281 SharaiHideoWEB-283 SharaiHideoWEB-289 rainbow wedding photography


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