Our approach to weddings

There are a lot of photographers out there — and there are as many styles of photographing as there are weddings. It’s very, very important to us that you choose a photographer that you identify with. Choose one who values the same things you do, and approaches your wedding in the same way you do. Most importantly, choose somebody who you like on a personal level. When that happens, getting your picture taken will feel effortless, and you’ll receive meaningful photographs that truly capture you.

Here’s what we value: We want to tell the whole story of your wedding. We tell that story as it is, and that may include times that aren’t ‘pretty’. We shoot the pretty moments, but we’ll also take a photo of the look on your face when you realize you left the marriage certificate in the car. Or the flower girl as she spills ketchup all down her dress. Or when you burst into the ‘ugly cry’ at the altar. Weddings are far from perfect (trust us!) and we love all those little imperfections.

We believe your wedding should not be a photo shoot. Sometimes we get funny looks when we say that. But we believe spending 2-3 hours of your day posing for photographs and traveling from location to location is kinda nuts :) and can really tire you out! So instead, just enjoy yourself and hang out with the people you love by doing something what you WANT to do and our photos will capture that. Go to the pub and grab a beer, or pop on over to the ice cream shop. Eat tacos!

For portraits of just you two, we’ll ask you to sneak away for 20 minutes or so here and there throughout the day, when the moment and the light is ‘just right’  (you’ll know when you feel it) and just the two of you can hang out and have a chance to connect. We are (mostly) photojournalistic photographers, so we typically don’t pose you too much. We just ask you to focus on each other; you don’t need to look at the camera — just be with each other. And just be you. For some couples that means jumping for joy and others it means a much more quiet embrace.

We believe the moment trumps absolutely everything, including photography. The moment, the feeling, is what you’ll remember forever. A photograph just triggers that memory. So plan your day to allow for moments, not photographs :)

Things Diane likes:

  • Mint chocolate
  • Watching figure skaters
  • Bagpipes
  • Chai lattes on cold days
  • Iced chai lattes on hot days
  • Singing while driving
  • Amelie
  • Typography
  • This song
  • Mike (usually :))
  • Diane’s goals:
  • Start a magazine
  • Learn to cook
  • Visit every country
  • Learn Spanish
  • Write a novel
  • Ride a gondola in Venice
  • Make a documentary
  • Skydive
  • Swim w/ whale sharks
  • See a platypus
  • Be published in Nat. Geo.
  • Go paragliding in Nepal

Things Mike likes:

Mike’s goals:

  • Visit the Tokyo Auto Salon
  • Enter a (tofu) hot dog eating contest
  • Go to the Japanese Classic Car Show
  • Drive in the Nurburgring
  • Climb a mountain (just a small one :S)
  • Design furniture
  • Drive 120mph 150mph
  • Jump out of a plane
  • Pet a bear
  • Swim w/ whale sharks w/ Diane
  • Learn how to swim well :S
  • Drive across Canada