How we approach weddings

We believe your wedding should not be a photo shoot. We believe the moment trumps absolutely everything, including photography. The moment, the feeling, is what you’ll remember forever. A photograph just triggers that memory. So plan your day to allow for moments, not photographs 🙂 Laze in the sun, grab a beer or an ice cream, hang out with your family + friends.

Instead of that weird ‘photography’ part of the day where you spend 2-3 hours posing, we love to take 20 minutes here and there at different times of day. It’s super low-pressure and easy, and photos are of you, not our preconceived ideas of what wedding photos “should” look like.

Wedding Info + Pricing

Full Day Wedding

Our most popular package. It includes 10 hours of photography and a gallery of high-resolution digital photos.


6-Hour Wedding

For smaller or low-key weddings with more condensed timelines. Includes 6 hours of photography and a gallery of high-resolution digital photos.


Elopement/Intimate Wedding

For elopements and small weddings with under 20 guests. Includes 3 hours of photography and a gallery of high-resolution digital photos.


Add Ons


Wedding photos belong in a wedding album so they’ll last for generations. We’ll help you organize and lay out the story of your day so that it can be easily enjoyed from your coffee table or bookshelf.

$500 to $3000

Engagement/Portrait Sessions

These sessions not only give you some really fun photos of yourselves, but is a great way to get used to the camera before your wedding day! Choose to adventure in nature, or nap at home — whatever is “you”.



What if my wedding is outside of Calgary? We travel lots of places, most often to Banff, Canmore + Golden, but we’ve also shot weddings in NYC, California, BC, etc. Just let us know when you fill out the contact form, and we’ll send you a travel quote.

What if I hate getting my photo taken? Yeah, we feel that pain, don’t worry. Almost all of our clients feel that way at the beginning too, and relax after Mike tells a few fart jokes. If you’re feeling quite nervous, we highly recommend booking an engagement or portrait session, so you can see how we work and we can get to know each other better!

Do we get copies of the digital files? Yes, we’ll send you an online gallery of unwatermarked, high-resolution images that you can download, print and share. You can order prints easily through us, or take the digital files to your favourite local printer.

How do we book you? We’ll set up a meeting (either in-person or via Skype, whichever you prefer) where we can chat about your day and answer any questions you have. If what we offer + what you’re looking for fits, we’ll send you an online booking package where you can choose your package, sign the contract, and pay the 50% deposit to hold your date. The remaining 50% payment is due one month before the wedding date.

What do you wear to weddings? Mike (and any assistants we work with) wears something similar to what your guests are wearing. Most often, a suit + tie + dress shoes. 

Why are albums so expensive? When we first saw the price tag of albums, we laughed. Yeah, it’s gross. $500-$3000 for a BOOK? But we tried the cheaper ones, and they just don’t hold up. After a year, they were literally falling apart. The covers warp, the binding comes apart, and the pages yellow. After a LOT of searching, we found an album printer that we absolutely love: simple designs + materials, archival prints meant to last for 100 years, even pages that can hold up to spills. It’s worth it. The other aspect of the pricing is the design work. We work really hard to make a beautiful custom design that will tell your story and remain classic through the years.

How does the album design process work? Diane’ll get you to pick some of your favourite images, and put together an album design based around those. You’ll receive an online proof, where you can easily make comments + changes (“swap this image with this one”, or “make this image bigger”, etc). We’ll make the changes you request, and send back proofs until you’re happy with the design. Then you can choose your album cover colour + embossing.

Can I give you a “shot list” of photos I want? Other than the family photos, we don’t work from any shot lists. We find it interrupts our creativity too much, and instead of finding natural + candid moments, we have our nose buried in a list 🙂 What we do love, though, is knowing about any special things or moments that might be unique to you: for example, if your bouquet has a hidden scrap of grandma’s wedding dress in it, or if your long-lost bestie is in attendance. We get that list from you about a month before the wedding.

Do you have insurance? Yep, we’re legit.

Do you have backup camera equipment? Yep, and backups of backups.

What if you are injured or sick on the wedding day? Luckily, this has never happened before (knock on wood), but it is a reality of this type of service. We have a wide network of photographer friends + colleagues, and if it’s at all possible (ie: as long as one of us is conscious ;)) we’ll find you a replacement photographer. We take wedding photography very seriously, and would never miss one unless we were very seriously injured/sick.

How many weddings have you photographed? We started in 2011, and shoot roughly 20-25 weddings each year.


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